Blackout (mixed media)
Blackout (mixed media) © Jessica Colvin, 2015
Facing The Storm (photomanipulation)- in progress.
Facing the storm (photo-manipulation) © Jessica Colvin, 2015
The woolshed, taken at Pohatu, Fleabay. © Jessica Colvin, 2015
Grounded (digital painting)
Grounded (digital painting) © Jessica Colvin, 2014
Book cover commission.
Book cover commission. (digital) Art is © Jessica Colvin, 2014

Two illustrations done for The Reflections Anthology by the Christchurch Writers Guild. I highly recommend the story written by Angela Oliver The birth of Niamh, which ended up inspiring the second illustration.

Link to Book

Reflect but don’t look back too long

Light and Colour Fun (and Macros) © Jessica Colvin, 2012

Fairy furniture (L)
Fairy Furniture
IMG_9325v1 (L)
Marbles in water
Diamonds of the Morning
Diamonds of the Morning
Butterfly (L)
Shiny things (L)
Shiny Autumn Things
Concept Landscape
Concept Landscape © Jessica Colvin, 2015
Apricot Blossom © Jessica Colvin, 2015

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