About the Artist

My name is Jessica Amuri Colvin. Amuri Art is my creative corner where I can go wild and doodle-crazy.

I live in the slightly wonky, but  magical land of Canterbury, New Zealand. I’m inspired by many things: the worlds I create in my stories (under my pen name Ami Hart- website here) the natural beauty of this wonderful country, the hard times that our city of Christchurch has endured,  my faith in God, and the darker regions of my odd imagination.

On this site you’ll find photography, sketches, illustrations, paintings, designy things and book covers.

I can take a limited amount of commissions for those willing to wait a little while ( being a busy mum and writer). Just let me know what you want and I’ll let you know if I can create it. I really enjoy designing book covers, painting digital illustrations from scratch as well as doing photo-manipulations.  I can’t do it for free, but any fee will be quite small.

Upon this rock copy
Upon This Rock- An exploration and melding of my faith and the Banks Peninsula landscape

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