Goals for 2016

My friend and fellow writer Judy ( website) encouraged me to list some goals and put them out there. Last year I achieved some of what I had set myself (mostly word count goals) but one really important goal remained unfulfilled. It was getting a novel ready for alpha, then beta readers. Just one novel out of the 4 different drafts I’ve completed. That should be easy enough, right? So yeah, it didn’t happen and then naturally I got all down about it, beat myself up a little, questioned whether I had the discipline necessary to pursue a creative career.

So here I am picking myself up, dusting of those dregs of doubt and declaring to the world. I can do this! Here we go…

My Goals For 2016

  • Firstly I will be focusing more on the novels this year so that will probably mean writing  less short stories. I love doing short stories but I’ve noticed the short story rhythm has been repeating itself when I try to go back and tackle the novels. I’m writing less than 10K and then shifting to editing/revision mode. It’s like my brain has got stuck in that short-span rhythm. I really need to try break that cycle and forge a new routine where I spend longer on a single work finish it, then revise. I need to develop some discipline on that count!


  • Something more tangible now. I intend to finish the first draft of Once Were Angels (last years Nano Novel) It was previously named Severed Wings, Neon Dreams but OWA seemed catchier. I will be doing exactly that in Camp NaNoWriMo this year. This goal is definitely locked in!


  • Thirdly, is to complete another set of revisions on one of my four completed works. It would be cool to complete the 4th draft of Rise of A Dead God and finish the second draft of The Rising.


  • Next I want to redesign my author website. A new year needs a new look. I’ve already made a start on that by painting a new website banner. I want to create a stronger brand if I can, so people will know what sort of stories to expect when my full length novels do finally get out in the world.


  • Another art-related goal… I will snap more original stock photography, creating a library of original content, to use both on the web and in book covers.


So those are my creative goals for this year. I’ll slowly work towards them while focusing on my most important things, my husband and my two lovely children. My greatest hope is see them happy, healthy and thriving over the course of this year.

Look to the horizon and dream and then take small but regular steps towards it. We will eventually get there. I wish you all a wonderful 2016.

Sea of cloud 2
A Sea Of Cloud by Jessica Colvin

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