A Character Sketch

So my wonderfully creative sister came up with a story idea a few days ago and kindlyCharacter sketch 4

offered that plot bunny to me. Me being me, I couldn’t help but adopt it. This one could actually work out to be a collaborative effort between the both of us — that is,  if we both can scratch out the time. I think it could be a novel with graphic elements at the beginning of each chapter – a kind of hybrid experience, both visual and literary.

So yesterday because  this idea was stuck, jammed in my head and not budging, I ended up writing 1000 words of character notes and did this rough concept sketch of one of the characters– who sorta scares me>> *whispers* “I think she’s an angry lady.” I then refined the sketch a little in photoshop. I’m almost happy with it.

I enjoy exploring what characters might look like, even though I usually end up somewhat disappointed as my artistic ability lags behind my imagination. This one didn’t work out the way I wanted either, but I think I might have caught something of the character’s emotions and state of mind.

The story is an urban fantasy type thing, I think. Anyway we are still working out the details, so I guess we’ll see where this tale takes us.

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